ASK Design Studio LLC. is a bespoke interior design company. Specializing in the creation of signature spaces for high-end residences, restaurants and hotels.

Our expert knowledge of interior design and years of practical hands-on experience. Render us the ability to transform any interior into an inviting, functional and inspiring space that is familiar yet at once fresh.

At the heart of every project is our dedication and commitment to creating beautiful spaces that respond to our client’s individual needs, personal style and budget.

Principal Arezoo Shafizadeh Keshavarz leads the design studio with vision, passion and expertise. Gained by 20+ years of prior experience. Arezoo firmly believes in the transformative power of great design. Her interiors are imbued with a warm livable style that is contemporary and timeless.

Full-service, high-end residential or hospitality design.

ASK Design Studio LLC scope of services can vary from project to project depending on a client’s wish list. However the following is a list of what our typical scope of services covers from start to finish. Ensuring an outcome that transforms your space into a distinctive, functional and style exuding interior.

Throughout the process we will work with architects, contractors and other consultants, making sure the end result is uniquely a tailored solution with a seamless execution of design.